Software Development

Shreveport / Bossier City - 3rd Largest City in Louisiana

Did You Know?

Louisiana has the most aggressive incentives for software development companies in the nation? Software Development companies can get a 25% tax credit on their payroll! There are no caps and no minimum requirements. Tax credit can be applied to state income tax liability and the state will refund any overages OR applicants can opt for 85% of the value earned as a rebate any time during the year. Employees must be in-state.

Software Related Companies in Our Area

59 Custom Computer Programming Services
40 Computer Systems Designs Services
16 software publishing companies

Software Programming and Support Companies

Shreveport/Bossier has an established commitment towards the development of Software/Digital Media/Cybersecurity operations in Shreveport. Click here to read about Louisiana’s commitment towards North Louisiana being a “Cyber-Tech Corridor”

Moonbot Studios

Located in Shreveport, Moonbot Studios was the first major animation studio to locate in Louisiana. Notably, they received critical acclaim and won the 2012 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Two of their widely praised productions include The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and its work for Chipotle Mexican Grill titled The Scarecrow.

Twin Engine Labs

Located in Shreveport, Twin Engine Labs has developed a critically acclaimed digital media and smartphone app. The firm has also previously partnered with another Shreveport based studio, Moonbot Studios, that landed their app on The New York Times Top 10 Apps of the Year.

General Dynamics IT

Located in Bossier City, General Dynamics IT has a focus on cyber security with approximately 1,100 employees. The company is located operates three centers -- a customer engagement center, the Cyber Innovation Center and the Integrated Technology Center.

Software Relevant Education & Development

Digital Media Institute at InterTech

  • Digital Media Institute at InterTech, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, offers fast training in a professional environment. Students have access to facilities that include industry-grade hardware and software, 1,600-square foot studio, high quality 4K digital cinema cameras, and a multi-actor motion capture system.
  • Two one-year certificate proframs available:
    • Animation, Visual Effects & Interactive Content
    • Interactive Software Development. 

Cyber Innovation Center

  • Cyber Innovation Center, located in Bossier City, Louisiana, serves as the primary support for the development and expansion of a knowledge-based workforce throughout the Shreveport/Bossier region.
    • Located on the 3,000 acre National Cyber Research Park in Shreveport/Bossier
    • Primary purpose is to foster collaboration to accelerate technology, research, and development
    • Seeks to create opportunities for government, private industry, and academia to collaborate and develop new processes

Louisiana Tech University

  • Louisiana Tech University’s Center for Secure Cyberspace assists faculty in cyber-related research, while supporting federal, state, and private sector cyberspace security needs.  in collaboration with the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in Bossier City, Louisiana.
  • Cyber Engineering degree program with a focus on preparing students to be technical leaders in cybersecurity through integrating computer science, electromagnetic sciences, and mathematics with engineering fundamentals.

A Growing, Skilled Workforce

When it comes to software development, availability to a skilled workforce is pivotal. Shreveport/Bossier boasts a highly talented workforce for software operations as evidenced by the following workforce data:

  • 203% growth in people employed in Data Center (Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services) employment.
  • 81% growth in people employed as Computer Occupations, All Other
  • 43% growth in people employed as Computer and Information Research Scientists
  • 37% growth in people employed as Software Developers, Systems Software
  • 27% growth in people employed as Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • 21% growth in people employed as Computer Systems Analysts
  • 21% growth in people employed as Information Security Analysts
  • 18% growth in people employed as Computer Network Architects
  • 14% growth in people employed as Computer Programmers
  • 9% growth in people employed as Computer User Support Specialists
  • 7% growth in people employed as Database Administrators
  • 6% growth in people employed as Computer Network Support Specialists

LED FastStart – Customized Solutions for Software Development

LED FastStart the nation’s No. 1 state workforce development program, provides customized services for software development companies locating or expanding in the state – all at no cost to the company. FastStart begins by partnering with each company’s subject matter to determine unique workforce requirements. FastStart then works to attract the innovative talent required by each specific company. Previous successful partnerships include GE and IBM.

33% Cheaper Electric Power than US Average
  • Electric Power is cheaper in the Shreveport/Bossier area than the national average
    • AEP – SWEPCO average Industrial rate is 1.5% less expensive than the state average, 33.1% less than the national average!
    • AEP – SWEPCO also has incentives with the maximum benefit of a 3-year demand charge reduction of 40% in year 1, 30% in year 2, and 20% in year 3 for projects over 1MW and that create more than 31 jobs.

  • Cash provided to you to move or finance equipment
  • Forgivable loans at lower interest rates than traditional bank financing
  • Equity investment
  • Cash to install and rig production lines
  • Workforce training incentives designed to help you recruit, screen, and train labor
Location and Transportation

Shreveport/Bossier is located along the intersection interstate 20 and 49, two and a half hours east of Dallas. We have access to two Class I railroads (KCS and UP), a river port with barge and rail access, as well as Shreveport Regional Airport, which is recognized as the second busiest air cargo airport in the State of Louisiana


Shreveport- Bossier is located along Interstates 20 & 49.


Union Pacific and KCS both provide Class I service to our MSA.


Located on the Red River Waterway just south of Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana, The Port has immediate access to barge, rail, motor freight and air transport providing a robust network of distribution.  The port has multiple greenfield sites.


We have flights to Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Destin, & Orlando