Why Shreveport?

From steel production to pharmaceutical research and development, companies are profiting in Shreveport. Greater Shreveport delivers access, affordability, opportunity, and capital for companies and entrepreneurs to thrive.

Thriving Hub of Northwest Louisiana

With a population of close to 440,000 people, Shreveport and neighboring Bossier City comprise Louisiana's third largest metroplitan area. The twin cities and surrounding communities have emerged as the thriving economic, educational, medical and cultural hub of Northwest Louisiana.

Well Connected. To the World.

Shreveport site in the northwest corner of Louisiana, 20 miles from Texas and 50 miles from Arkansas. You could call us the capital of ArkLaTex. We're three hours east of Dallas and five hours northwest of New Orleans. Within a day's drive, businesses can access more than 40 million consumers in some of America's largest markets.

Primed for High-Growth Companies

Once a major player in the national oil and gas industry, Shreveport is transitioning its economy to advanced manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, cybersecurity, banking, health care and medical research. Shreveport Next is courting high-growth small and mid-sized companies to further diversify theregion’s business base. What sets it apart is the ability to raise capital to help companies scale.

More Affordable for Business

Ranked by Forbes.com and KPMG Competitive Alternatives as one of the most cost-competitive locations to do business, Northwest Louisiana offers companies a high value proposition and a low barrier to entry. Just about everything is less expensive – water and electric, labor and real estate

A Strong Aviation & Military Presence

With a rich aviation history dating to World War II, the greater Shreveport is home to Barksdale Air Force Base, home to Global Strike Command and the largest B-52 bomber wing in the world.

The presence of a highly educated and skilled workforce from the base fuels industry growth with companies like Metro Aviation and General Dynamics prospering in the region.

Regional Draw for Healthcare ∓ Education

With four major hospitals, Shreveport-Bossier offers some of the best healthcare in the region with everything from trauma to specialized care. The region also boasts numerous colleges and universities with thousands of students, staff and faculty not only breathe life into the community, but also fuel the talent pipeline.

Living Louisiana’s Good Life

Shreveport is neither Cajun nor cowboy. We have our own cool culture. We have all the amenities of a big city without all the headaches. There’s no such thing as a traffic jam in Shreveport and we have a rich arts, culture, restaurant and nightlife scene On the flip side, we’re a sportsman’s paradise. The kicker? The cost of living is consistently below the national average and home ownership is still within reach for most people.